As an animist, I recognise the existence of non-physical beings. Obviously, writing this blog, I recognise the existence of demonic beings. But what about the other ‘supernatural’ beings that people often hear about?

Ghosts are the spirits or energies of people who have died, either the whole energy or a partial energy ‘print’ on the environment. Angels are one way to describe the class of beings that try to help people out, who are beneficial or friendly, or who appear that way. Guides are the spirits that traditional animistic cultures work with as teachers; they can be our ancestors, or other practitioners who have died and can now be called on for help, or spirits that appear as animals or natural elements such as trees, stones, rivers, mountains.

Depending on your culture, you might call your guide an angel, or call an angel that you meet a guide. But always remember that trust is earned. Non-physical beings are just like us; they can be wise or ignorant, helpful or uninterested in us, weak or powerful, truthful or manipulative. They don’t have to look or sound any particular way and so can present an image of themselves that’s not accurate, for their own reasons. It’s important to take the time to build a relationship with checks and boundaries if you want to work with one of them.