I’m a non-theist. That means that I don’t work from a position that there’s an ultimate being that created and controls the universe. Why? Because I haven’t ever experienced anything that proves that position.

A lot of people say demonic possession, spirits and animistic practices aren’t real. I know they’re real, because I’ve experienced them, but the fact that other people haven’t doesn’t bother me. In the case of demons, it’s fortunate for them. I don’t need them to agree with me, because I understand that in these areas there is no real proof possible. You can’t prove an internal experience; you’ve either had it yourself, or you haven’t.

Just like I can’t prove I was possessed, or that I work with spirits, I also can’t prove the content of my dreams, or that I love my children, or that I felt grief when my father died. And if someone doubted those things, I wouldn’t take that personally either.

There’s a lot that can’t be proven to another person, but that doesn’t mean that our experiences are less real, or relevant. It doesn’t mean we have to hide them, just because they’re not conforming to someone else’s “rationality”.

And here’s something else to think about: how could you prove that you exist?