Sacred space is the fundamental practice of animism.

Opening sacred space creates a set apart space within a clear boundary, within which you are present, clear and can be aware of the spirits that you work with.

Being within sacred space keeps your formal animism work separate from your daily life, which can be very helpful in the beginning. And as you progress, sacred space provides support for more powerful, deep work where you need to keep your intent and energy clear.

Without sacred space, your practice can suffer from distracted intent and awareness. It can become confusing to practice divination or spirit communication, and your energy can become open to interference.

Sacred space is important when you’re working any practice that involves clear intent. This includes divination, spirit communication, energy work, altar work and ceremony. It’s also a great way to nourish and re-charge yourself, simply through being within the space.

Opening sacred space can be as simply as a quick prayer to your helping ancestors, to a full ceremony with candles and a physical boundary like a ribbon or salt.

The only essential requirements are the intent to open sacred space and a power greater than yourself that you can call on. The power can be anything from your helping ancestors, to a deity, to the elements.

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