Altars are sacred spaces where we can relate to all the important people, places and feelings in our lives on a practical level.

Altars allow us to work with a specific relationship daily for weeks or months, to explore a relationship deeply, to approach problems in relationships intuitively and to work with our relationships directly, by-passing our intellects.

Altars are particularly helpful when:

  • You need to solve a problem in a relationship.
  • You want to deepen your understanding of a relationship.
  • You’re just beginning a new relaitonship.
  • You want to maintain an important relationship over the long term.
  • You need to work with multiple relationships together.

Altars have three essential elements: sacred space, intent and physical objects to represent the relationships. By arranging the objects in your sacred space, intending that they represent the relationship, a kind of alchemy happens that transforms them into bridges between the physical world and the energetic, spiritual world.

You can then work with the objects within the sacred space in a vast number of ways, depending on what your goals are.

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