Crafting in the context of animism is making objects or art that is influenced by and serves our animism practice.

We use crafting as a practice to embed our animism practice into our practical lives and our bodies. It allows us to express ourselves beyond words; through texture, sound, colour, shape, weight. Crafting is how we take our experiences and make them solid, to see the beauty in them.

Crafting is especially helpful when:

  • You need a special object for an altar.
  • You need an object to carry or wear with you, to remind your of an experience or teaching.
  • You need to fully embody a relationship as part of honouring it.
  • You need to explore an experience, going beyond words.

Beyond working within sacred space, there’s no method for crafting; use whatever tools and materials you have at hand, or whatever feels appropriate. You can use fabric, wood, metal, stone, fur, bone or clay. You can sculpt, draw, carve, weave or mold. Keep the experience or relationship close as you work, letting your feelings about it guide your hands.

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