Art is a collection of creative practices that can be used as tools in animism.

Art is part of fundamental human expression, and has been intertwined with animism since the beginning of human existence. Art includes painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, poetry and storytelling; the most primal of our languages.

Art as an animist practice allows us to step out of our restrictive language and behaviour codes, exploring the wilder and numinous sides of our natures. It gives us the tools to express things that are beyond words, like feelings, experiences, visions and connections.

Art both depends on and strengthens all of the principles of animism. It gives us a way to work with reality directly, explore our relationships deeply, practice the courage of being open and authentic, and make contact with our untamed natures.

Art is a great tool for when:

  • We need to communicate or record feelings or experiences too intense to express in words.
  • We’re working to honour and nourish a relationship.
  • We need to re-claim our own feelings and perspectives.
  • We need a reminder in our environment of an experience, relationship or teaching.
  • We want explore a difficult, complex topic more deeply.
  • We wish to share the beauty and power of our experiences with others.

To use art as an animist practice, we simply need to choose a medium and give ourselves some time.

You can use any artform that will work for you, from sculpting clay to felting wool to writing poetry to impromptue dance. The art that you create doesn’t have to be perfect; we aren’t focusing on creating saleable ‘pretty’ art, but on expressing authentically.

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