Extraction is a practice for removing harmful energy, emotion and thoughts. It’s found in many animist traditions around the world.

Extraction is a form of energy medicine, where problems are addressed at the energetic level of a person’s being rather than the physical or mental. It works through using various tools or pure intent, to draw the harmful energy from the subject’s energy field or body.

Extraction is helpful when:

  • We are having trouble letting go of an unhelpful pattern of thought or behaviour.
  • We are have left a difficult relationship and want to end it’s influence on us.
  • We can’t shake an old trauma or wound.

Extraction can use smoke, stones, breath, touch, the earth, water and many other channels for removing the unwanted energy. The removed energy is then released, often into an element such as fire, so that it returns where it’s needed.

Extraction can be used as part of an energetic healing or on it’s own, and it while it’s a very specific tool it’s also very powerful at the right moment.