Energy healing is a practice that many animist practitioners use in various forms, from modern reiki and acupunture, to the ancient energy medicine of the Andes and other indigenous peoples.

This practice works by removing unhelpful energies from a person’s energy system, changing the patterns in that energy system or introducing new, more helpful energy into the system.

Energy healing is useful when:

  • We’re having a hard time letting go of an old trauma.
  • We’re stuck in an old pattern.
  • We want to heal a relationship but don’t consciously know what the problem is.
  • We feel depleted and run down.
  • We’re overwhelmed by our feelings and thoughts.
  • We need to honour ourselves and feel self love.
  • We want to address a physical illness or problem on all levels.
  • We’re in a situation we can’t change, and need support accepting it so we can make the best decisions moving forward.

Energy healing can use various techniques, such as laying on of hands, visualisation, extraction methods, flower remedies, physical release methods, voice work, prayer or stone work. The techniques are used within a ceremonial container, which reinforces the divide between mundane life and the sacred work of healing.

The essential elements of energy healing are the intent to provide healing and relief, and an openness to how that healing happens. We’re looking to create a space for the person to change, let go or see something new in themselves; energy healing allows us to provide that space non-verbally, to bypass rational resistance and sabotage.