Animism goes far beyond what our language can tell. We can catch glimpses of it in art, poetry, music and dance. We can share echoes of it in story and in teachings. We can feel the call of it on the moor and in the forest, in the waves, on the mountain peak.

But animism is so ancient, so deeply rooted in our spirits and bodies, that it has no language other than direct experience. We cannot fully communicate the nature of animism except through doing, and through the sharing of that doing.

This is why animism is described in so many ways and takes so many forms throughout the world. The echoes of animism that I can talk about, won’t be the ones you can, or that our ancestors would have described.

The practice is consistent and recognisable, but the words change.

At SongBoneStar, I am sharing my experience of animism as best I can, because I believe it can help so many people. The principles I describe, the methods and their meaning are all rooted in my own experiences of a lifetime of animist practice.

I cannot speak for all animists, or even any other animist at all. But I can help you experience animism for yourself, so that one day you can tell us what it means for you and how it changes your life.