Depossession encompasses the methods to remove a harmful, intrusive spirit from a host’s energy system. It is is very specific tool that has a lot of different forms in animist traditions worldwide.

Depossession is related to the practice of exorcism, which is seen in many religions, but it has a healing rather than religious focus. It can be practiced in diverse ways, from common extraction practices to spiritual mentoring.

It’s connection to exorcism makes it a controversial practice which many Western animists are uncomfortable with; nevertheless, depossession is an ancient animist practice that is potent and helpful in certain situations.

Depossession is useful when:

Depossession works through either extraction, where the intrusive spirit is removed during energy healing, or through power reclamation, where the power loss, trauma or contracts that have allowed the possession to progress are gradually resolved. This effectively pushes the intrusive energy out of the energy system.

Depossession is an advanced animist practice, and it requires solid experience of ceremony, spirit communication, altar work and trance work. It also requires a deep relationship with helping spirits, and that the practitioner has resolved much of their own power loss, shadow loss and spiritual doubt.

Please read the contraindications page for details of when advanced practices like this are not helpful.

*Please note: depossession alone is not an effective treatment for illness, please seek medical help before using spiritual healing methods.