Protection is another umbrella term; it covers all the animist practices that can help us reinforce, heal and recover our boundaries.

Protection works on the physical, emotional and energetic levels, and can include anything that helps us manage our boundaries, whether it seems ‘protective’ or not. Some examples of protection methods are power reclamation, sigils, altar work, deity or animal work, shadow work and sacred space.

Protection is helpful when:

  • We are recovering from abuse or trauma.
  • We are striving to be more creative or expressive, as protection allows us to be more visible and vulnerable.
  • We need to seek shelter from an abusive situation.
  • We are learning to enforce our boundaries with others or with ourselves.
  • We are developing trust in our animist practice.
  • We are engaging with difficult or challenging energies.
  • We are working with the land or other non-human spirits.
  • We are developing our trance practices.
  • We are learning to hold and use our personal power.

Protection is such a varied practice that encompasses so many tools. Almost any animist tool could be included under this umbrella, because the best protection is to be healthy, whole and comfortable with our own power.