Spirit communication is an umbrella term for animist practices that involve… you guessed it, communicating with spirits.

Spirit communication can be as simple as prayer to a favoured deity or as advanced as trance work. It can include communication with ancestors, elemental beings, demonic spirits, land spirits, deities, angels, deceased loved ones, animals and plant spirits.

A common spirit communication method in Western cultures is spiritualism, which is a tradition that involves mediumship within a loosely religion-inspired framework. It usually involves angels and deceased humans, but no other spirits.

Spirit communication is helpful when:

  • We need guidance from our spirit helpers.
  • We want to make contact with our spirit helpers without using spirit flight (journeying).
  • We have encountered a new spirit and getting familiar with them.
  • We need to enforce a boundary against an intrusive spirit.
  • We need to ask a spirit for help with another practice.

Spirit communication almost always involves some level of trance or altered awareness, although formal trance practices aren’t essential. Trust in ourselves, the spirit helpers and the process we use is imperative; as this is built over time, the communication will become clearer and stronger.

It also needs some form of boundary containment, for which sacred space is perfect.