Foundation in Animism is a free 12 week email course aimed at introducing the essential tools and principles for authentic animism practice.

Anyone, from any background, can work through the course. Please see the contraindications page for when to avoid certain tools.

The course covers the fundamental principles of animism, as well as five tools you can begin practicing right away; sacred space, divination, crafting, ceremony and altars. At the end of the course, we discuss resistance and ideas for taking your animism practice further.

Foundation in Animism is the course for you if:
  • You’ve just heard about animism and want to get a good grounding in the basic tools and ideas.
  • You understand the basic tools and principles of animism but need practice applying them in your own life.
  • You’re experienced at applying animism in your life, and want to deepen your understanding or get a new perspective.
By the end of Foundation in Animism you will:
  • Understand what is and isn’t animism.
  • Know how to engage the 5 principles of animism personally for problem solving, healing and inspiration.
  • Be comfortable using sacred space to keep your practice safe and clear.
  • Have experience with the fundamental tools of divination, ceremony and altars.
  • Have a piece of your own craft work for your altar.
  • Be full of ideas for going further and deepening your knowledge.

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