Animism is not medicine, and I’m not a doctor. If you’re ill, or think you might be, see a doctor.

If you are finding it hard to tell the difference between objective reality and subjective reality*, you mustn’t practice:

  • Divination
  • Ceremony
  • Spirit Communication (including prayer)
  • Trance Work (such as journeying)
  • Energy Visualisation (such as energy medicine)
  • Folk Magic (such as using symbols or power objects)
  • Animal, Plant or Element work

This is because these practices involve strenuous use of the imagination and intuition that can blur the boundaries further in a person who has problematic boundaries already. Even those with healthy perception need to take care of their boundaries while using these tools, most importantly through using sacred space.

Stick instead to crafting, opening and closing sacred space, and simple altar practice. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, eating well and that you don’t have a physical illness causing your symptoms.

*to be very blunt, if you are unable to tell the difference between a physical person standing infront of you and a vision of a person standing infront of you, this applies to you. Similarly with hearing voices.