Short articles about the concepts, tools and language of animism. A good place to start.

Witchcraft is a part of my personal spiritual identity as a practitioner of Northern European animism. But is witchcraft animism? Read more
Magical and animistic practices that are good starting points for people of Northern European descent: Working with local or ancestral Read more
Foundation in Animism is a free 12 week email course aimed at introducing the essential tools and principles for authentic Read more
Protection | SongBoneStar
Protection is another umbrella term; it covers all the animist practices that can help us reinforce, heal and recover our Read more
Spirit Communication | SongBoneStar
Spirit communication is an umbrella term for animist practices that involve… you guessed it, communicating with spirits. Spirit communication can Read more
Folk Magic | SongBoneStar
Folk magic is what happens when animist methods like ceremony, craft, altar work and working with spirit helpers are combined. Read more
Depossession | SongBoneStar
Depossession encompasses the methods to remove a harmful, intrusive spirit from a host’s energy system. It is is very specific Read more
Journeying | SongBoneStar
Journeying, also known as shamanic journeying, is the Western name for the practice of spirit flight that is found in Read more
Principles of Animism | SongBoneStar
Animism is as diverse as it is potent. There are no laws, rules or dogma that apply across animism, and Read more
Animism goes far beyond what our language can tell. We can catch glimpses of it in art, poetry, music and Read more
Energy healing is a practice that many animist practitioners use in various forms, from modern reiki and acupunture, to the Read more
Extraction ~ SongBoneStar
Extraction is a practice for removing harmful energy, emotion and thoughts. It's found in many animist traditions around the world. Read more
Initiation is an ancient practice that marks a transition point in a practitioner’s life with ceremony and symbolism. Initiations can Read more
  Trance is an animist practice that shifts our mental states so that we can access different ways of thinking Read more
Art is a collection of creative practices that can be used as tools in animism. Art is part of fundamental Read more